Tuesday, 9 October 2012

email from Speech Therapist

Rachael received an email from L regarding a table stand that had been ordered for Rachael. She asked Rachael to let her know when it arrives as Loan Stores may not inform her. 
She also said that she will be on maternity leave from 14th November. She said that she will pass Rachael's case on to MG as she knows her already. L said she would arrange a visit prior to this if Rachael needs anything or wishes to discuss anything.
Rachael replied that the stand had been delivered to a neighbour and when it was finally received it was found that it was the wrong fitting for the MyTobii.  
Rachael also copied her reply to M.
Rachael then said that her main issues at the moment relate to her frustration at being misunderstood verbally and others reluctance to use her other means of communication.
Rachael felt that L would not have a solution to this.
Although Rachael would enjoy seeing L she said that she doesn't have any pressing concerns that  are not being dealt with by other specialisms.
L asked Rachael for the code number on the stand so that she could check that the correct items were being sent out.
Rachael replied with the model number.

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