Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Visit from Physiotherapist

On Thursday 18th October Rachael complained that her arm was weak and she was struggling to use her wheelchair control when moving forwards. By Monday the weakness in Rachael's arm had worsened to the point where she was unable to move her wheelchair in any direction or to recline her position or to raise her legs.
Rachael's PAs had to adjust her seating positions and move her manually from room to room. 
This is a particular problem when Rachael needs to use the car as the ramp is quite steep and the wheelchair is heavy and fiddly to manoeuvre safely.
Rachael's hydrotherapy session was cancelled on Monday 22nd October so an emergency appointment was made with the Community Physiotherapist. 
K checked Rachael's shoulder muscle and bicep. Although these muscles were very tense she did not find any damage. K concluded that the weakness was due to the progression of Rachael's Motor Neurone Disease. K arranged an emergency appointment with wheelchair services to investigate alternative wheelchair controls.

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