Tuesday, 2 October 2012

GP appointment at W Medical Centre

On Monday morning, 1st October 2012, Rachael discovered a large blister like swelling at the entrance to her rig site. It was very painful to the touch and it was inflamed. There was a constant discomfort which seemed to be internal but this was bearable. Racahel had previously treated a similar but smaller swelling with hydrocortisone cream.
As Rachael had a Hydro appointment which she did not want to miss she decided to treat the swelling with hydrocortisone cream again and see how it went on.
The swelling was cleaned, dried and treated with cream throughout the day but as there was no improvement by the following morning Rachael decided that it would be best to consult her GP. Dr G checked the swelling. She stated that she was unsure of the cause as she is not particularly familiar with rigs. She prescribed a five day course of antibiotics for Rachael but advised her that if it did not clear up by the end of the course she would need to go to H Hospital and let them have a look at it. 
Dr G also gave Rachael her flu jab which left Rachael feeling a little unwell for some time afterwards.
Dr G also informed Rachael that her smear test will be taking place soon. Two nurses will attend Rachael at home for this.

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