Friday, 19 October 2012

Letter from Dietitian

Rachael received a letter from A regarding the review that took place at Rachael's home on the 16th October.
The letter contained an assessment summary which said that Rachael's reported weight was normal and stable. The letter stated that Rachael is receiving 700ml Nutrison Complete via her rig and that this appears to be meeting her nutritional requirements as her weight is stable. It stated her fluid intake via the rig. 
It went on to say that Rachael's bowels are opening normally and urine output is good. It said that the stoma site is good, no concerns expressed.
Then a treatment plan stated that the goal was to meet nutritional requirements for weight maintenance and fluid requirements for hydration via the enteral route. 
A listed some targets re Rachael's feed and liquid intake and the monitoring of Rachael's weight, skin condition, stoma care and bowel and urine output.
Then there was a note of Rachael's presciption.
The letter then stated that Rachael will have another review in three month's time and to contact A in the mean time with any queries.
Rachael's recollection of the review differed from what was in the letter and she was offended by this, particularly as she was referred to as a male in the letter.

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