Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Visit from Dietitian

A came to visit Rachael. A new review has come out and she had to confirm with Rachael in person before completing it. 
She went through Rachael's weight fluctuation. Rachael told her that although she has not been weighed successfully regularly she has lost weight but she is not concerned. Rachael told A that she can adjust the amount of feed she has accordingly. Rachael confirmed the amount of her fluid intake  and said that she only eats a little just for the taste. A was happy to leave the amount of Nutrison Multifibre Complete at 700ml. 
Rachael also told A that she supplements the feeds by having flushes of vitamin enriched liquid such as Marmite, fruit juice or thin soup.
A then told Rachael that she will be leaving in November but she doesn't know if anybody will be taking over. If Rachael needs their services a duty officer will always be available.

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