Sunday, 17 November 2013

25th September - hospital stint continues..PICC line procedure

Rachael was taken down to x ray via porter.  After a 30 minute wait, Rachael entered the x ray room.  After giving lengthy directions on how Rachael must not be lay down under the X ray due to respiratory problems a nurse emerged to help hoist.  Once pillows had been stacked on table, Rachael was hoisted.  The pillows were inadequate and after a few minutes of trying to support Rachael’s head, Rachael asked to go back in the chair.  The radiographer explained that once the Barium was in Rachael’s body it could take upwards of 2 hours to complete the procedure, with x rays being taken every 20 minutes.  Rachael protested that A&E had said she could be scanned in the chair.  The radiographer explained this would never have been possible.  Rachael felt she would be unable to last for 2 hours, being hoisted onto table of back into the chair.  Rachael was very distressed upon getting back to the room, a nurse came to scan Rachael’s arm to see if a Picc Line could be put in.  Rachael had some difficulty in putting her arm out to a right angle.  The surgeon said a main PICC line would not be possible.  This distressed Rachael greatly.  After some thinking the surgeon once again scanned Rachael’s bicep and said he could possibly put in a peripheral line.  He enlisted the help of a student doctor to hold Rachael’s arm in place throughout the procedure.  He said he would be back later after an x ray to see if it had been successful.  The X ray team came with a mobile machine.  Rachael was hoisted into bed of an x ray taken.  The surgeon came back almost immediately saying the Picc line was in her jugular vein, not her chest as he had wanted, meaning he would need to pull some out.  He did stress the line would still be usable despite it now only being a mid line.  Procedure was carried out with PA holding Rachael’s arm in place.  Rachael was shattered after the days hoisting and was up and in pain every 15 – 45 minutes throughout the night.

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