Sunday, 17 November 2013

Birthday - day release from hospital

Brothers arrived on Sunday morning and took Rachael home on her birthday.  Rachael said she would like visitors to her however could we stagger them.  Rachael was met by Z and M who were able to give Rachael a shower which was something she really wanted after not being able to have one in the hospital.  My sister and her family arrived with AJ with gifts.  Later brother and Rachael’s mum and dad arrived where happy birthday was sang with a carrot cake made by AJ.  At 5pm Rachael felt she needed her drip so brother D drove Rachael back to the hospital with B followed by M.  Rachael got to the ward at 6.30pm and had to wait nearly an hour for her drip to be put on.  At 8pm S arrived but the suction machine had lost a knob on the side.  During the night the nurses complained at S as Rachael was in a female ward.  S told them that Rachael needed a room and that he needs to be there.  During the day Rachael saw a specialist in Gastro-Entereology who said that they wanted to carry out a barium test.  During the day the ward manager complained at S again that he was sat on the bed and that he was in a female ward.  S arrived at 7pm and spoke to the nurses also and told them there were 3 options: move Rachael to a room, stop complaining at S and put up with it or Rachael would have to leave the hospital.  Also S had told the ward manager that Rachael needed to be cleaned and change of her pad.  Rachael was waiting over 30 minutes  - S complained to the nurse.  Dr E visited.

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