Sunday, 17 November 2013

29th September Cough assist stopped working

M arrived at 8am.  Rachael had had breathing difficulties during the night.  Her cough assist machine isn’t working.  D and R arrived.  W hospital could not be contacted til tomorrow.  The nurse sent for a physiotherapist to come and assess Rachael’s breathing and to use the cough assist machine.  Dr B came to visit Rachael.  He listened to her chest, which was ok.  He also checked her bloods.  Rachael requested a hoist so that she could be cleaned.  She had to wait for over an hour for this.  The physiotherapist came and assessed Rachael.  She used the cough assist and suction machine.  She arranged to come back this afternoon before 4.30pm and then send a night physio at 10.30pm .  Rachael was getting very panicky and upset due to lack of breath.  The suction machine was used repeatedly

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