Sunday, 17 November 2013

Visit from Dr E - hospital rounds (9th October)

Doctor – morning rounds.  After telling and showing the doctor how swollen Rachael’s feet are he said there wasn’t a lot he could do,  adding that water tablets wouldn’t help as the swelling is due to positioning.  I explained that R had been put on water tablets and asked if they could be stopped – he was happy for that to happen.  The Doctor reassured us that Rachael is on the licat for a new PICC line tomorrow (10th October).  We asked if he had had any joy finding out what time the procedure will be taking place – he said he had phoned but couldn’t give a time.  I asked if he would try and find out if it would be am or pm at least.  We explained that R was still having problems with R’s catheter as it doesn’t appear to be draining properly.  He said he would try and get someone from urology to come and have a look.  Just as they left R was in pain with her stomach.  I had tried to release some air with no joy so Rachael asked me to ask the DR to come and have a look, he had a fell and reassured us that it was just air after a few more attempts to release the air it worked.

Dr E and S H S (MND Nurse) came to see Rachael following S's chat with Rachael yesterday.  S ran over what her and Rachael had talked about yesterday (8th October) with Dr E and S trying to find solutions.
Dr E wasn’t sure what to suggest regarding Rachael’s shoulder pain so said he would speak to physio.  He ran over what would happen tomorrow when Rachael has a new PICC line put in to make sure Rachael was happy.  We asked if he was able to find out what time it may happen but he had had no joy.
Both Dr E and S were keen to try and help Rachael control her emotions.  They strongly recommended trying an anti depressant drops.  Rachael has tried in the past and wasn’t keen but is willing to try again.
The physio from the MND clinic came to see R regarding her shoulder after taking a look she asked R if she would consider an injection in her shoulder to stop any pain.  R said yes so she said someone would do it soon, she also asked if Rachael would mind if she rang wheelchair people to see if there is a better back cushion that would have less pressure.  R was happy for her to do this.  I asked if she would have a look at Rachael’s swollen feet.  She confirmed that the swelling was water, she said the best thing we can do is massage the feet pushing the water up R’s leg.  This seemed to work using a little cream to stop any friction.

I have tried to phone D F re Rachael’s mask on bipap causing Rachael to have some cuts in Rachael’s mouth (inner lip) there was no answer so I will take her number and phone again tomorrow.

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