Sunday, 17 November 2013

PICC Line procedure was a success..

10th October
Nurse came to take bloods at 11.30 wanted blood from right arm so results would be correct.  Rachael wasn’t happy about this so nurse went to speak to doctor and decided they would just take them from the PICC line.  S arrived to come down with E and Rachael to have the Picc line.  Everything went smoothly apart from the fact that they couldn’t x-ray Rachael in her chair.  She had to go in the bed but was kept elevated as much as possible.  Rachael’s arm is quite sore but the actual Picc line is fine.  We have been advised not to touch the Picc line and to leave it to the professionals.  Brother and B visited, so put a smile on Rachael’s face.   When giving Rachael her bedtime drugs the rig kept getting jammed – only solution at the time was to force back then try again.  This was successful! Citalopram has been prescribed to start on 11th October says 4 drops on bottle but nurse advised 10 ml.  Double checked and on their system it says pills so as liquid has been given, nurse advised wait for later on to get correct dosage.

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