Sunday, 17 November 2013

Hospital stint continues - 5th October

PA I arrived at 8am and took over from Z.  At 9am Rachael was hoisted and given a freshen up.  Unfortunately when she was put back in her chair her pad was causing a burning sensation on her bottom.  Nurse P and I then re-hoisted Rachael to correct this problem.

Rachael’s arm where her PICC line is sited has become sore.  The IV nurse took a look and decided there was no sign of infection.  She suggested the problem was being caused by irritation from the line within the vein itself.  She recommended warm compresses be applied around the IV site to ease the pain.  She said she would ask the nurses to organise this (10.30am) As of 14.40 no compresses have arrived.  At 15.30 the staff nurse, after chasing her up arrived with warm compressers in the form of pieces of gauze soaked in hot water.  These were totally unsuitable for purpose.  Rachael’s arm has continued to be sore and is gradually worsening.  The IV nurse needs to be contacted tomorrow to try to resolve this problem.

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