Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pain relief - 26th September

At the morning visit, the doctor decided Rachael needed some vitamins before they start trying to feed down the new PICC line.  The doctor said she would need to take these for the next four days via a drip.  The macmillan nurses visited to discuss pain management.  Rachael explained that Oramorph via rig wasn’t helping with the pain, it caused more pain forcing Rachael to sleep through it.  The doctor decided to try Rachael on Oxycodeine; to be given as a background pain killer through a syringe driver over a 24 hour period.  Extra pain relief can be give an Rachael’s request through the butterfly needle in Rachael’s leg.  Macmillan nurse said they are in hospital all week if Rachael needs anymore questions answering.  Rachael had some bloods taken through the PICC. Syringe driver set to 0.38ml/hr extra pain relief Oxycodeine 1.25 mg

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