Sunday, 17 November 2013

28th September - still in hospital..

I arrived at 8am.  The nurse arrived with a full set of Rachael’s drugs that Rachael had already had.  These were sent back.  Rachael had a Phosphate tablet as her salt levels were low.  The site of the driver entry on Rachael’s arm is sore and twitchy.  Rachael asked the nurse to take a look and also get a bag from the pharmacy for the driver machine.  Nurse N moved the driver needle further back on Rachael’s arm.  Rachael refused the suggestion that the needle be placed on her left arm or stomach.

At 10.30am Rachael suffered a bladder spasm which required hoisting.  Unfortunately it was staff break time so Rachael decided to wait rather than hoist with only one nurse.  Rachael has been struggling with her breathing.  Nurse N was asked to chase the Palliative care team at W hospital but nobody available until the morning.  Nurse N also forgot to order a driver bag.  She said she will do this in the morning.  Rachael’s new driver site has become sore so it was moved to her right thigh.  This needs to be monitored.

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