Sunday, 17 November 2013

Blood thinners..

12th October (Saturday)
Rachael finally received her Citalopram liquid and took 0.25ml.  The nurse was asked to check if it was ok to take the Citalopram at the same time as Lorazepam and whether there would be any interaction between the two drugs.  She was told that it was fine to use both and that there should be no side affects.  Rachael has been having problems with her catheter again.  Nurse L gave Rachael a bladder wash but it doesn’t appear to have improved Rachael’s discomfort.

Nurse L also informed Rachael that, as her blood base line readings are as they should be if she were at home she no longer is being prescribed “Blood thinners”. Rachael however thought Dr A had said that she should continue with the medication.  This will obviously need clarifying with Dr A.

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