Sunday, 17 November 2013

Cold feet..(8th October)

E arrived at 8am greeted by S who explained procedures.  R was hoisted at around 10am due to by passing fluid onto pad rather than through catheter.  E spoke to nurses P and A who have requested someone from urology department to come and look at the catheter to see why Rachael is bypassing.  Macmillan nurse came to see Rachael to check about discomfort.  Told her she was still having trouble with her left shoulder.  She advised she will speak to someone regarding physio.  3 doctors came in to explain about Rachael having an x ray and pick line done on Thrusday.  Rachael requested a specific time as she wants S to be present.  Doctors said would ring and find out.  Rachael was hoisted again, this time with much less messing about by E and P (nurse) at around 2pm as pad was wet again.  S the MND nurse spoke with R regarding 3 main topics – shoulder pain, emotions and the procedure with the pic line.  R got very emotional explaining she can’t stop crying.  Brother visited at 7.30pm R has been complaining about her cold feet especially her right one.  Brother spoke to the nurse to see if any other way of keeping feet warm.  They said to keep feet raised and they will inform doctor in the morning.  Also bipap starting to cut into R’s nose.  R requested to ask Z to speak to D F about it.  We then resorted to battery socks but due to swollen ankles socks were causing discomfort.  Sister saved the day by handing over the ones she was wearing when visited with B.  Before bed checked leg bag and was empty and Rachael was bursting for a week.  I rubbed tube and could feel it blocked.  Spoke to nurse who came to syringe the catheter but was no joy as it was blocked up so the nurse put an urgent call out to the doctor.  By then Rachael had already relieved herself.  Rachael was hoisted. Still no sign of doctor by 11.15pm.  Doctor came at 11.30pm and put a new catheter on.

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